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Cultural Innovation Course

Cultural Resources Program

In the Cultural Resources Program, you will comprehensively study the rich and diverse cultures that humankind has produced, based on the new concept of cultural resources. You will also explore new research methods, new cultural values and ways to effectively make use of such values. This program is designed to produce individuals who can discover and tell others of the charms of a particular culture and who can also contribute to the cultural revitalization of local areas. Students enrolled in this program can obtain curator certification or a teaching license (in Japanese, social studies, history, geography and so on).

Program features

Learning about Japan and its local areas

You will learn about specific local cultural events, primarily in the northern Tohoku and Hokkaido regions, through surveys, analyses and discussions. You will be able to have a clearer idea of the uniqueness of a local Asian or European culture by studying their cultural assets, languages and psychology.

Fulfilling exercises and field work opportunities

Archeology, folklore studies and art history classes focus on field work, providing a hands-on experience for acquiring the skills to excavate, collect and record both tangible and intangible cultural assets inside and outside the country. Philosophy, history, literature and linguistic classes focus on exercises to build skills to read, understand and discuss literature.

Support for publishing
/presenting research results

One of Japan's current tasks is to find ways to introduce the potential of local areas. The program will support those who put together what they learn and pursue at the university and publish or present this information as a study report or research presentation.


Name of Researcher Teaching Subject Major
Tatsuhito SEKINE
Cultural assets theory Japanese archaeology
Archaeology of the Mediterranean World Late Antiquity,Early Christian Art, Roman Material Culture,Catacombs, Roman Religion
Methods of Folkloric Survey and writing Modern society and folk culture,Proselytizing Cultures in Japan
Linguistics, Cultural Linguistics General Linguistics, Historical/Comparative Linguistics
Liang LI
Chinese Thought, Asian Thought and Culture History of Chinese Thought, East Asia Thought and Culture
Nobuhiko KAMIJO
Archaeology Prehistory, Archaeology, East Asia, Stone Implements, Food processing 
Norihiro YOKOCHI
(Associate Professor)
intellectual history of europe metaphysics
Katsuaki HARA
(Associate Professor)
History of Japanese Thought Japanese Thought, Religion, Mythology, and Culturology
Natsuko OZAKI
(Associate Professor)
Japanese modern and contemporary literature Cultural representation, Censorship, War literature
Shigeru HAYAMA
(Associate Professor)
Museology Museology, Cultural property research, and Environmental folklore
Conservation Science for Cultural Properties Conservation Science for Archaeological materials,Conservation of Wet Organic Archaeological Materials,X-ray and CT enables non-destructive testing for Archaeological materials
(Assistant Professor)
Japanese Linguistics Language Description, Ryukyuan languages, and Linguistic Typology
(Assistant Professor)
Japanese Art History History of Japanese Buddhist Sculpture

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