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Cultural Innovation Course

Cultural Coexistence Program

In the Cultural Coexistence Program, students can take advantage of their understanding of many different cultures, improved foreign language ability, such as those in English, to understand diversity, develop a global mindset and develop the ability to think and make flexible and independent decisions. By doing so, the program achieves its objective to produce individuals who can accurately evaluate the state of the world and contribute to the globalization of local communities, based on a correct understanding of history and culture inside and outside Japan.

Program features

Pursuit of knowledge of
all ages and cultures

Through the proper understanding and the extensive and systematic studying of the history, culture and tradition of various parts of the world such as Japan, other Asian countries, Europe, the US, and Oceania, you will develop a sense for the values related to cultural coexistence.

Development of
issue-handling skills

You will build the basic and practical skills needed to appropriately handle various issues, such as international and environmental problems, affecting modern society based on an understanding of various cultures, proper knowledge and good judgment.

Ample opportunities for
learning foreign languages
and cultural exchange

The program aims to train your basic and practical foreign language skills such as English, German, French and Chinese in order to develop your international mindset and promote multicultural understanding and exchange in the local community. The program also proactively supports those who wish to study abroad.


Name of Researcher Teaching Subject Major
Masahiro IMAI
Classics and Ancient Thought Classics, Ancient Greek and Roman History of Philosophy and Medicine
English Linguistics English Linguistics (Syntax, Semantics)
China Studies Modern China Studies (Social Welfare, Social Security)
Moriyoshi HASUMI
Chinese History Chinese History, History of Korean Dynasties, History of East Asian regional order
Yasunori IZUMIYA
(Associate Professor)
French Literature and Culture French Literature and Thought
(Associate Professor)
Introduction to Linguistics (Phonology), English Morphology Phonology, Morphology, Natural Language Processing
(Associate Professor)
British Literature and Culture British Literature, British Culture, Narratology, English
(Associate Professor)
European Literature,
European Culture
Visual Studies, French literature, French Education
Shinichi SAWADA
(Associate Professor)
Oceania Studies English Literature, New Zealand Literature and Culture
(Associate Professor)
Occidental History British and Imperial History, Modern European History
(Associate Professor)
Modern Asian Studies Modern South Asian History
Volker FUHRT
(Associate Professor)
Peace Studies History and Politics in International Relations
Tomohiro HORI
(Associate Professor)
American Literature 19th-century American Literature, African American Literature, American Intellectual History
Alastair BUTLER
(Associate Professor)
Inter-cultural studies, English communication Linguistics, Syntax, Semantics, Corpus, Natural Language
(Associate Professor)
Eurasian History History of Medieval Middle East and Central Asia; Arabic Documents; Cultural History of Islamicate Societies
French Language Foreign Language Acquisition, French Language
Tianxi YANG
Chinese Language Chinese Education, Contemporary Chinese Novel, Means of expression in Chinese cinematography
British Literature English Literature and British Studies
(Assistant Professor)
European Regional Studies Early Modern European History; Reformation Studies

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