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Economics and Law Program

You will encounter various problems once you start working. If you become a government employee, you may be asked to create an economic revitalization policy for the municipality you are in charge of. If you become the employee of a privately-owned company, you may be required to check for any legal issues in new products. To handle these tasks and solve any issues, you need knowledge of economics and law.
The Economics and Law Program allows you to systematically acquire specialized knowledge in both economics and law, not only through lectures but also field work experience in self-directed studying and analysis of problems.

Program features

Acquisition of knowledge and mental capacity for learning economics and law

You will learn various procedures used in economics and law that were developed throughout its long history, develop the knowledge to understand the nature of modern society and cultivate the mental capacity to solve the problems of this society.

An in-depth curriculum and small-group classes

The program provides an extensive subject lineup that includes macroeconomics, microeconomics, constitution, civil law, criminal law and so on. Seminars and field work are conducted in small groups to allow self-directed practical learning by students.

Useful knowledge for future government employees and employees of privately-owned companies

Knowledge of law and economics is required for the civil-service exam. Knowledge of these subjects is also considered very important when working with private companies. The knowledge you acquire in this program will be useful in various situations in the real world.


Name of Researcher Teaching Subject Major
Young-Jun LEE
Labor Economics, Welfare Economics Labor Economics, Youth Employment Problems, Unemployment, Earnings Differentials
Hirotsugu IIJIMA
Financial Studies, Stock Market Studies Corporate Finance Studies,  Mergers and Acquisitions, Antitakeover protection
History of Economic Thought History of Economic Theory, Classical Economics
Hiroshi HOSOYA
Economic Policy,Economics of Industry Industrial Development Studies, EU Economy, History of automotive industry
Kiyoshi HIRANO
Criminal Law Crimes of Omission
Fumihiko KOYATA
(Associate Professor)
Microeconomics, Industrial Organization Industrial Organization
Tetsuro KANAME
(Associate Professor)
Public Finance, Local Public Finance Local Allocation Tax,Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations, Local Public Finance in Theory and Practice
Tadashi KOYAMA
(Associate Professor)
Public Administration, Local Government Quasi-Market, Evaluation, Planning, Budgeting
(Associate Professor)
Commercial Law, Business Law Economic Law (Anti-trust law), Franchise System
(Associate Professor)
International Macroeconomics
Economic Growth, Financial Policy
(Associate Professor)
Civil Law Punitive damages, Fault liability principle, American law
(Associate Professor)
International Economics International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, Empirical Economics
(Assistant Professor)
Labor Law Collective Labor Law, French Law

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