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Corporate Strategy Program

The Corporate Strategy Program aims first for acquisition of specialized knowledge, thinking methods, as well as the ability to analyze a situation and make the necessary decisions for the management of companies and NPOs. Then, on top of this, the program provides education to strengthen the problem-solving capabilities that are essential for the business world. By teaching not only management and accounting theory, but also introducing a large number of local cases and examples from the northern Tohoku and Hokkaido regions, the program produces individuals who will be able to solve various problems affecting companies from a global and local perspective, in addition to contributing to the growth and development of local industries. The program also offers business strategy practice as an academic subject. In this class, you will work with local companies to learn, through practice, how to create product development and sales plans.

The program has a stronger focus on tourism-related subjects due to the support and co-operation provided by central government agencies and companies. With these subjects, we are actively developing human resources who will play an active role in the service industry with their entrepreneurial creativity and approaches.

Program features

Development of practical company management capabilities

Through lectures, field work and exercises, you will learn how management resources (such as people, products, money, and information) should be used in a company or NPO to produce preferable outcomes.

Understanding of accounting leads to qualification

In the field of accounting, you will learn the contents and rules of disclosed information about a company and NPO. You will also learn to understand financial statements and consider how the information links to corporate activities. Studying accounting subjects will lead you to the corresponding qualification examinations.

Production of valuable human resources for society

The program works with local companies to create opportunities for you to acquire knowledge required for business planning. It also improves your ability to identify problems, solve problems, propose plans and communicate. By doing so, the objective of the program produces human resources who can play an active role in an increasing global society.


Name of Researcher Teaching Subject Major
Tadahiro OHASHI
Regional Science, Operations Research Regional Science, Transport Planning
Keikichi KATO
Bookkeeping Systems, Tax Accounting International Taxation, Corporate tax law, Empirical research in Accounting, Corporate value
Xiaochun HUANG
Japanese Economic History, Modern Industrial Studies A Comparative Study of Japanese and Chinese Corporations, The Trade of Agriculture Products
Tatsuo MORI
Global Management, International Business Regional Headquarters of Japanese Multinational Enterprises
Muneyoshi YASUDA
Marketing Distribution Systems, Medical Marketing
(Associate Professor)
Organization Theory Business and Society, Social Business, CSR Management
Satoshi KUMATA
(Associate Professor)
Regional Innovation Innovation,Management of Technology
Masatoshi KOSUGI
(Associate Professor)
Management Accounting, Costing Quality Costing
(Associate Professor)
Business Management
Strategy as Practice, New Venture Management
(Associate Professor)
Financial Accounting International Financial Reporting,  Integrated Reporting
Yanying Lin
(Assistant Professor)
Business History Business History of Retail Industry, History of SMEs

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