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Social Management Course

Community Initiative Program

The program aims to produce individuals who can think practically based on local community data they gathered, identify and solve problems, as well as work with the local community. Conducting interviews and surveys are effective in understanding people and society, in addition to observing social phenomena and people's behavior, not only relying on what is printed in books. In this program, you will learn these study techniques and analysis skills to approach the knowledge rooted in the experiences of local people and their feelings about the future of the area. You will also have many opportunities to interact and discuss with people from the local community and government through action research and facilitation.

Program features

Field work for learning social survey methods

You will conduct surveys inside and outside the prefecture and put together survey results through a group learning process. You will learn how to conduct interviews, observe participants, conduct questionnaires and also improve the skills to make presentations on survey results.

Advice for and collaboration with the local community

You will grapple with local community issues, such as sources of income, the decrease in population, regional migration, gender, media culture and the relationship between the younger population and employment. You will develop the ability to interact with, research, advise and collaborate with the local community.

Social researcher

There has been increased demand for individuals with specialized knowledge on social surveys and the ability to conduct research when solving increasingly complex social issues. By earning the specified Community Initiative Program credits, you can become a certified social researcher.


Name of Researcher Teaching Subject Major
Anthropology, Social Research Methods Ecological Anthropology, Area Studies
Sociology Sociology of Youth, Media Studies
Anthropology, Social Research Methods Ecological Anthropology, Human Evolution Studies
Geographical Information Science, Regional Data Analysis GIS, Urban Planning
Sociology Sociology, Community Building
(Associate Professor)
Social Anthropology, Sociology Social Anthropology, Sociology, African Studies
(Associate Professor)
Community Development, Social Research Methods Area Studies, Ecological Anthropology
(Associate Professor)
Social Psychology, Social Research Methods Group Dynamics, Science and Technology Studies
Kentaro KOMURA
(Associate Professor)
Social Psychology Close Relationships, Violence, Psychological Measurement
Shinichi HANADA
(Associate Professor)
Statistics, Analysis of Statistical Data Econometrics, Empirical Industrial Organization, Energy Economics
(Assistant Professor)
Geography, Social Geography Human Geography, Small-Scale Fisheries Studies

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