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About the Faculty

Department of Humanities and Cultural Studies

The Humanities and Cultural Studies program explores different cultures, the vast panorama of thought that is the essence of human spirituality, cultural assets as different forms of expression, and ultimately the human essence that transcends societies and regions, as perceived from many perspectives. Students will learn to find solutions to different issues facing contemporary society, through their insights into their historical roots.

Department of Social Science and Social System Studies

The Social Science and the Social System Studies program seeks to develop students’ abilities to think flexibly and to analyze issues of a modern society that has undergone considerable mobility and diversification from multiple perspectives: international, regional and local. This program trains students to understand the collective but also the individual characteristics of different regions, the legal systems that underlie different societies and the political and social behavior of the members of these societies. The program also encourages students to seek solutions to the various challenges facing international society in general and Japan in particular.

Department of Economics and Commercial Sciences

The Economics and Commercial Sciences program addresses not only concrete aspects of contemporary economic society and corporate administration, but also provides students with the opportunity to develop, analytical thinking, creative synthesis skills and decision-making abilities through an in-depth awareness of economics, management, and business thinking methods. Besides the information technology literacy goals that are absolutely essential in today’s information society, the program is designed to help students learn basic management methods in order to mobilize and use the necessary organizational resources.

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