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This is NOT a vanity press!

These are links to various essays etc. that I have published elsewhere. Nothing here was written especially for the website. It's all been published somewhere else by someone else, but since I sometimes get requests for this stuff  I thought it would be easier to put it on the web and let people just read it here. If you want to cite anything, be warned that I have tried to correct typos, so that this is not exactly what was in the original.  If you need the original for any reason, contact me and I'll send you a copy. -John

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my L. A. (or maybe Hollywood) status symbol

"No Black Outcry" (Los Angeles Times, Calendar section, Sunday, August 2, 1981)
That's right! I published a letter in the Los Angeles Times Sunday Calendar section.

Hey, I'm not kidding about that being a status symbol! Shortly after this letter appeared there were letters from people saying that getting a letter published in the L.A. Times "Calendar" section was the ultimate local status symbol and wondering what they had to do to get their letter published.

As for the letter, I mentioned William Adam's book Nubia: Corridor to Africa not because it makes a big deal about the Nubians being black (it carefully doesn't) but because it is the best book on Nubia and I wanted people to read it. I got a nice "thank you" letter from Professor Adams (although I doubt if I could find it today) and several more personal "thank you"s from African-American women I knew. I always knew reading Bullfinch would pay off somehow!


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December 18, 2002