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Malam Haliru Muhammad Wurno was a historian who lived in Wurno Nigeria, sometime capital of the Sokoto Caliphate and final resting place of Sultan Muhammad Bello and other rulers and Wazirs of the Caliphate. Haliru's knowledge of the history of the town was a great help to me and to all historians who have investigated the town.


After Malam Haliru passed away I visited the town and made copies of as many of his writings as I could locate. Some I made photocopies of while others I photographed as slides. I was hoping to get around to translating his entire corpus. I never did. I am not sure an academic, much less a commercial, publisher could be interested in translations of his writings.


Here I have created a space for scholars who are interested in African history, Hausa, Arabic, African languages in Arabic script, Islam in Africa and other such aspects of African and Islamic studies. I hope that some of those who visit here can contribute to an experiment in web publication of a collective work of translation of Malam Haliru's writings.


Feel free to peruse the documents here. Be warned that they are rather large. I wanted to be sure that the information on them was legible. If you do read any of the documents, please offer comments or suggestions for transcription and/or translation on the form at the bottom of the page.


If this is a success I hope to expand it into an Internet site of African manuscripts.


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These are all the pages I have on film. More pages will be added from xerox copies of other manuscripts if there is enough demand.

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